INTRODUCING: the experience of stillstate wellness

Evolving the brain for resilience, clarity and calmness.


Current research validates the health benefits of the distinct but overlapping practices of hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and mindful martial arts like aikido. They create certain configurations of brain, mind and body that fight stress--we call them stillstates.  Stillstates initiate and promote positive neuroplasticity--the ability of the brain to grow and repair itself.  To guarantee health and peak performance, start with the brain.

Evolutionary psychologists tell us that the human brain, unchanged for 50,000 years, is hardwired to survive by relying on suspicion and vigilance. In the 21st century, our primitive reactions to unpredictable circumstances compromise cognitive, emotional, sexual and physical health.

All stillstate products from recordings to workshops were crafted based on the science of brain change. "Neural friendly" approaches were carefully selected and adapted from mindful meditative and martial arts to create a flowing  system of mind, body and brain training. We believe that with regular,dynamic stillstate practice, balance, ease and resilience is inevitable.


Immersion in mindful practices--researched, selected and shaped for easy assimilation.